Board of Directors

Mr Chian Yew Ah Teck (also called Carl Ah Teck) - Non - Executive Director & Chairman

Carl holds a first class degree in Civil Engineering from Lancaster University and an MPhil. degree in Soil Mechanics from the University of Cambridge. After university, he joined consulting firm Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners in Mauritius. He is a registered professional engineer. He has also attended several executive management programs at NUS/Stanford University, London Business School and INSEAD.

After 5 years with Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners, where he held various positions in both the design office and on site for major projects, he founded Gamma Construction Ltd in 1987 which was subsequently reorganized and called Gamma-Civic Ltd. From 1987 to 2011, he was the Chief Executive of the Gamma Group before becoming the Executive Chairman of Gamma-Civic Ltd in February 2011. During this time, Carl has also been a director and the Chairman of companies in the Gamma Group.

Other directorships of listed companies – Gamma-Civic Ltd, Morning Light Co. Ltd
Business address – Royal Road, Chapman Hill, Beau Bassin, Mauritius
Nationality – Mauritian
Date of appointment – 8 April 2008

Mr Allagapen Veeramootoo (also called Moorghen) - Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer

Moorghen holds a Master degree in Marketing and a BSc, Engineering, European Business & Technology from Coventry University in the UK. He is also a holder of a Diplome Universitaire en Technologie from the Institut Universitaire de Technologie of Avignon in France. Moreover, Moorghen is an Insead Alumni and has attended a number of other Executive programs, including one at the National University of Singapore. He has previously occupied the post of Business Unit Manager - Marketing and Sales at Gamma from 2004 to 2009. He has also worked as Marketing Manager at Happy World Foods Ltd (now Innodis Ltd) from 1999 to 2004 and Strategic Planning Manager at Cread & Co. Ltd from 1998 to 1999. He joined Lottotech in 2009 and has occupied the post of Deputy General Manager and presently holds the post of Executive Director/Chief Operating Officer.

Mr Chian Tat (also called Tommy) Ah Teck - Non-Executive Director

Tommy holds a BSc (Hons) Engineering from University of Westminster and an MPhil in Mechanical Engineering from Loughborough University of Technology. He worked as a Trainee Accountant with Griffin & Partners, Chartered Accountants in London, UK. He occupied the post of Managing Director of Gamma from 1987 to January 2011. He was appointed as CEO of Gamma as from February 2011.

Other directorships of listed companies – Gamma-Civic Ltd, Morning Light Co. Ltd
Business address – Royal Road, Chapman Hill, Beau Bassin, Mauritius
Nationality – Mauritian
Date of appointment – 11 April 2008

Mr Chian Luck (also called Patrice) Ah Teck - Non-Executive Director

Patrice holds a BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance from South Bank University. He worked as a Trainee Accountant with Nunn, Crick and Bussell in the UK, and in 1993 he joined the Gamma Group as Sales and Marketing Manager. He was appointed Sales and Marketing Director in 2000 and since 2011 he has occupied the post of Deputy Managing Director.

Other directorships of listed companies – Gamma-Civic Ltd, Morning Light Co. Ltd
Business address – Royal Road, Chapman Hill, Beau Bassin, Mauritius
Nationality – Mauritian
Date of appointment – 11 April 2008

Mr Friedrich Stickler - Independent Director

After completing his studies at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, Friedrich worked for Casinos Austria, and he took over the management of the ship casinos and directed the Executive Secretariat. He has a rich and vast experience in the gaming and lottery industry. In 1985 Friedrich was involved as project director on the introduction of Lotto "6 out of 45" in Austria, after which he was appointed Executive Director on the Board of the Austrian Lotteries in 1986 and was promoted to the position of Deputy Managing Director in 2006. He is an Executive Member of the European Lottery Association and he has been at the vanguard of the movement that promotes preservation of a healthy regulatory framework in the European Union. He is also a member of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, and is responsible for the professional group Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries. In 2015, Friedrich was elected to the Executive Committee of the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) for sports betting, and the objective of the Committee is to combat match fixing and manipulation in international sports. Further Friedrich holds an interest for football and sports. In 2008 he was made the Honorary President of the Austrian Football Association, and has also been an Executive Member of the Austrian Olympic Committee.

Mr Geoffroy Dedieu - Non-Executive Director -

Geoffroy holds a DEA Business Law from Universite Pantheon-Assas, a LLM from the National University of Singapore and an MBA from INSEAD. After his studies, Geoffroy started his career as a corporate lawyer in Asia. He was previously the Managing Director at a top-5 Swiss bank in Singapore and he subsequently set up a single-family office holding company in the UK. He is an experienced family business manager with focus on the entrepreneurial family model. Geoffroy is also a Charter Member of the UK Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments and a Certified Financial Planner.  

Ms Kavita Kumari Achameesing - Non-Executive Director

Miss Kavita Kumari Achameesing (also known as Jyoti Achameesing) holds an MSc in Investment Promotion & Economic Development from Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland, since 2013, after having completed her BA (Hons) Financial Services in 2003. She also holds a Diploma in Management and Marketing from the UK Institute of Commercial Management. Miss Achameesing is currently the Senior Administrative Finance Officer (SAFO) at the SIC.

Mrs Michelle J. Carinci - Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer

Since she was appointed as CEO of Lottotech in 2012, Michelle offered both over 38 years of international management as well as technical expertise in the gaming industry. Michelle previously held a number of leadership positions in Canada.

After 10 years as President and CEO of Atlantic Lottery, Michelle joined the Lottotech team. Michelle Carinci was recognised among Atlantic Canada’s Top 50 CEOs for four years. In 2006, she has even entered Lottery Industry Hall of Fame. Her leadership and excellence driven approach has earned Atlantic Lottery recognition three times as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers.

Active member of World Lottery Association, she chaired the WLA’s Corporate Responsibility Committee and designed the framework for responsible gaming. Favouring implementation of rigorous measures, the framework has been adopted by lottery operators spread over 140 countries in order to ensure a safe playing environment.

Business Address – HSBC Centre, 18 Cybercity, Ebene 72201, Mauritius
Nationality – Canadian
Date of appointment – 7 August 2014


Mr Paul Cyril How Kin Sang - Non-Executive Director

Cyril studied accountancy at The University of West London and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. From 1985 to 1988, he trained and worked as a Chartered Accountant in the UK with a number of accounting firms including KPMG. He joined Gamma in 1989 and has occupied several posts within the Group, including Group Finance Director and is involved in the business development of the Group. He was appointed as the Managing Director of Gamma in February 2011 and is the Supervisory Executive Director of Lottotech.

Other directorships of listed companies – Gamma-Civic Ltd, Morning Light Co. Ltd
Business address – Royal Road, Chapman Hill, Beau Bassin, Mauritius
Nationality – Mauritian
Date of appointment – 8 April 2008

Mr Paul Halpin - Independent Director

Paul Halpin is a Chartered Accountant. He is a business services entrepreneur and a former Partner at PwC Johannesburg, London and Dublin. He is widely experienced in matters of corporate governance, board effectiveness and prudential supervision of companies in regulated and non-regulated industries across international borders and in the following sectors: Financial Services, ICT, Healthcare, Real Estate, Construction, Renewables and Heavy Manufacturing. In his capacity as non-executive director, he has chaired Audit and Risk Board Committees. He is now building a portfolio of non-executive directorships.

Role of the Board of Directors

The Board is responsible for steering, monitoring and overseeing the business and activity of the Company in order to safeguard and enhance its total value and returns. It is the decision-making body for all matters which are of significance to the Company as a whole because of their strategic, financial and reputational implications and/or consequences, while ensuring that management strikes the right balance between delivering short and medium term objectives, and promoting long-term growth.


Board Structure

The Board has a key role in charting the strategic direction, development and control of the Company. The values and standards which are applicable to the Company emanate from the Board of Directors. The Board meets at least four times during any financial year and ad hoc meetings are called as and when the business of the Company requires same. The Chief Executive Officer is the principal representative of the Company’s business operations. She has a direct responsibility for business and operational decisions of the Company. The Chief Executive Officer has the general authority of the Board to manage the Company.


Role and Function of the Chairman

The Chairman of the Company presides over the meeting of Directors and Shareholders to ensure the smooth functioning of the Board and also to ensure that the Board carries its responsibilities efficiently. The Chairman provides leadership and establishes guiding principles for the Board.

The Chairman ensures that resolutions of the Board are promptly executed and implemented by Management. The Chairman acts for and on behalf of the Board and leads the Board of Directors. The Chairman has been appointed in April 2008 and will hold office until decided otherwise by the Board and the Shareholders.

The Chairman's office with the assistance of the Company Secretary is in charge of the task of ensuring that proper induction is given to any new Directors appointed to the Board. The Company has an induction pack which contains all corporate governance documents. Newly appointed would be given a formal letter of appointment which clearly describes responsibility and fiduciary duties of the Director. Further all directors are aware that their position as a Director of the Company carries with it significant personal liability and are encouraged to contact the Chairman for any relevant education and development they may wish to take. The draft Board Charter clearly defines the statutory responsibilities of all categories of Directors on the Board.


Role of the Company Secretary

The Company Secretary is accountable to the Board through the Chairman for the duties and responsibilities as defined in the Companies Act 2001, as well as for the Group corporate governance processes. For the period under review Gamma Corporate Services Ltd is the Company Secretary for the Company. Gamma Corporate Services Ltd is fully qualified as per the requirements of the Companies Act 2001. In addition to its duties and responsibilities as provided under the law, the Company Secretary assists the Chairman in ensuring that sound governance practices permeate throughout Gamma-Civic Ltd and the Group companies. Further the Company Secretary acts as the Compliance Officer for corporate governance principles, regulatory and statutory requirements.