Where the Money Goes

The very purpose for the existence of the Mauritius National Lottery is to offer lottery games that generate funds for Good Causes such as sports, education, health, culture, community development, and the reimbursement of the National debt. 

As such, Lottotech, as operator of the Loterie Nationale, is proud to report the following contributions that benefit the citizens of Mauritius since the launch of the National Lottery.  Figures are updated to 31 December 2014

  • Over Rs.3 Billion has been transferred to the Consolidated Fund
  • Over Rs.200 Million of unclaimed prizes have been transferred to the National Solidarity Fund which is used to improve the lives of the most vulnerable citizens of our country
  • As part of the National CSR program, Lottotech has donated over Rs.4.5 Million to grassroots initiatives such as the Trust Fund for Excellence in Sports, the Fondation pour la Formation au Football and the Junior Chamber of Commerce. 

These contributions are due to the many players of the National Lottery who have chosen to participate in the highly popular Loto draw.

While not all tickets can be winners, the National Lottery has so far paid over Rs.7 Billion in large and small prizes to its winners, while at the same time creating 127 Loto jackpot winners.

These achievements are also due to the efforts of a dedicated group of retailers who have embraced the National Lottery and its products.    Our network of over 900 retailers is mostly comprised of family-owned small and medium sized businesses, as well as a number of high-traffic chain outlets and commercial centers. In return for their commitment and service to the National Lottery, retailers have received over Rs.786 Million in sales commissions since the inception of the Lottery.

In 2014, retailers earned an average annual commission of over Rs.160,000, while the top 56% earned more than Rs.200,000 annually.

Behind these retailers are the individuals who operate the National Lottery on a day-to-day basis.  Our team of over 90 professionals ensures the lottery is run with the utmost security, integrity and transparency.    Furthermore, our operation has engaged a wide supplier base and has so far paid more than Rs.1.21 Billion paid to them in return for goods and services.