Our Approach

Loterie Nationale was created to have a positive impact in Mauritius.  Over five years the Lottotech team as the operator of the lottery has been dedicated to live up to that promise.

Players have the necessary information to make informed choices about their play.  A significant number of jobs have been created and over Rs 3 billion has been transferred to the consolidated fund for good causes, making Mauritius a better place to live. This year an environmental audit will be completed providing the foundation for future initiatives that will minimize our footprint.  Hands on community involvement is an important performance metric now and into the future.
Corporate Social Responsibility is part of our DNA.  We are committed to integrating CSR into our annual reporting and performance management program in 2015.
Corporate: this is how we act and operate as a company.  Our objective is to ensure that Mauritians are confident we are doing a great job of running the business.
Social: relates to our objectives to provide products that players can enjoy safely; to connect with our communities we live and work in and to care for the environment.
Responsibility: to do the best we can for all stakeholders; give back to the community; reduce our environmental footprint and balance economic sustainability and social responsibility.
Lottotech is committed to integrating the social, economic and environmental pillars into its operation.