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Playing the lottery and checking results is now easier in Mauritius where, Lottotech has launched its Mobile Application. It is aptly named MauLoto (a pun on myLoto in Mauritian Creole). This innovation falls within Lottotech’s digital ambitions on the island, where almost every Mauritian owns one smartphone at least. MauLoto is the first lottery mobile application of the island.  However, online gambling is not allowed in Mauritius but Lottotech’s official app still offers fun, convenience, and information to players on the go. Its visual identity, all set in red, brings dynamism to the app.

Loto in Mauritius is very popular and customers have been eagerly waiting for this application. Together with the launching of MauLoto, Lottotech has also introduced a QR Code on each lottery ticket.  Players’ trends observed in Mauritius that checking winning tickets as quickly as possible is very important, compared to being able to gamble online. Among the convenient features: a timer for the next draw, a Quick-Pick generator and a draw simulator featuring motion gesture. The MauLoto has been skilfully designed to match players’ habits in Mauritius. A VIP section will allow players to enter in various contests. Mauloto is available in French which most Mauritians understand and speak.

 The MauLoto app is also designed to enhance communication between Lottotech and its retailers. The latter can get technical information, crucial information on responsible gambling as well as receive timely updates from Lottotech.

Retailers are at the core of the mobile app design: players can check their ticket, however they have to cash their win at a retailer’s shop. The retailer finder section holds the GPS data of the whole Loto network of 750 retailers.  

The MauLoto is only available online since draw results are updated every week. The design team is already working on the upgrade of the mobile application.

MauLoto is currently available on Google Store as at from the Kit-Kat Version (Version 4.4) and will be available on Apple’s App store in the coming weeks.  

Main features

Check winning tickets against the latest draw results

Ticket QRCODE scanning

Find a Lottery Retailer near you...wherever you are in Mauritius!

All  Draw Results

VIP Members

Retailers’ Corner  

Application Version -  1.4
Size -  14.46 MB
Language - English
Developer -  Lottotech

Compatibility - Android Platform Versions 4.4 Kitkat and above