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Sat 19th September 2020

Our Achievements

Due to a change in the legislation, businesses are required to contribute, through Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA), at least 50% of their CSR money to the new National CSR Foundation. This reduction in our CSR funds has impacted on the number of Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) that Lottotech used to help financially. However, Lottotech does not rely only on the 2% of CSR funds as prescibed by the law but also uses additional funds to help NGOs.Lottotech is participating in other ways to assist NGOs through its volunteer programme.


Atelier Joie de Vivre

Having employees involved in community projects is vital for Lottotech. As such, Lottotech has developed an IT program to help the students of Atelier Joie de Vivre as the school did not have sufficient funds to pay a teacher on a regular basis.

Each Wednesday, a group of volunteers, composed of 4 employees, go to Atelier Joie de Vivre to teach IT classes to the kids. The method used is ‘learn by doing’. The level of the kids is being assessed each quarter to see if there is any progression and identify those who need special attention.

The aim of the program is to help the students get acquainted to the digital world which is a prerequisite today to be employable.

  • Improve IT literacy of the children
  • Giving them the right tools for future jobs
  • Encourage employees to have contact with vulnerable people and have personal satisfaction for their contribution
  • Employees have a sense of belonging to the company

Facing great difficulties to raise funds due to the changes in the legislation, Atelier Joie de Vivre had stopped providing lunch to the kids.Witnessing the distress of the students, employees contributed and organized a lunch for the school. On the same day MUR200,000 were contributed for their program A lunch A day! No student can learn on an empty stomach.

Women in Leadership

Another initiative in collaboration with Women in Networking is to help women entrepreneurs to be more confident and become leaders. Various sessions were led by our CEO, Michelle Carinci and other members of the Lottotech team. From digital, communication, marketing to financial courses, Lottotech has trained or impacted over 400 women entrepreneurs.

Climatic Action

Lottotech’s objective is to reduce its carbon footprint and protect the environment. This year, we will continue our collaboration with NGOs/Companies disposing of materials in an ecofriendly way.

Centre d’Amitié

Over the past two years Lottotech has supported a preschool program in Bambous.The contribution of MUR250,000 is invested in the education program for 105 underprivileged kids.

Atelier Mozar

Atelier Mo’zar is a music school created by late José Thérèse. Over the years, the school meant to help children in underprivileged areas has become famous and is now representing our country in an international jazz festival. Lottotech is proud to help them with a contribution of MUR200,000.

Le Flamboyant

Le Flamboyant is a little school found in Cité Richelieu. Lottotech contributed MUR50,000 towards their education program.

Link to Life

Lottotech contributed MUR100,000 for the Link to Life breast cancer awareness program. Link to Life travels around the country offering free cancer screenings.

School Materials

This year Lottotech has decided to donate school materials to the NGOs. It will be given to 300 beneficiaries.

Association Amis de Don Bosco

The Amis de Don Bosco shelter protects and provides a loving environment to children who have suffered from various forms of abuse. Lottotech contributed MUR170,000 to their balanced meal program which has a positive impact on the health of the children.

Atelier Joie de Vivre and Vélo Vert

A lunch a day! This is the project that Lottotech has been supporting for 2 years now. We are also proud to volunteer to teach their IT courses.

This year Lottotech will start a pilot program for ‘Agri-Ecologie’. The main aim of the program is teaching at school level first, how to cultivate land in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. In the long run, this could expand to planters around the island.

  • Focus on Education and development of children.
  • Minimise negative impact on environment and health
  • Encouraging children to be interested in the cultivation of land and look at it as a job opportunity

To start, Lottotech will collaborate with Atelier Joie de Vivre which already has gardening included in the curriculum of the school and ‘Vélo Vert’, a company educating people how to cultivate land without using any chemicals. To kick start the project, we have contributed MUR40,000.

Eli Africa

Having a balanced meal is important for the health and development of a child. Eli Africa, an NGO caring for children in Cité Kennedy has received MUR50,000 from Lottotech for their program.

The Radio One Solidarity Trust

For the third consecutive year, Radio One and Lottotech have collaborated and organized the lunch for homeless people of Port Louis.