Lottotech’s most notable game is the Loto
In five short years, this brand has achieved nearly 100 unaided awareness (source: Ipsos Reid, 2013), with 74% of adults stating it is their preferred game of chance in Mauritius (soure: Cognito Ltd, 2016). Currently, there is no cap on the amount of times that a Loto jackpot can roll over, creating the potential for large jackpots, such as the Loto jackpot that reached MUR120m in April 2014.

The Football Pools

The oldest football gaming company in the world. The Football Pools has always been a core part of the British football weekend since the first Football Pools coupons were distributed to football fans outside Manchester United’s Old Trafford ground in 1923.
The Football Pools now offer customers the chance to win twice a week every week with Classic Pools as well as offering various other football games including Premier 10, Jackpot 12, Soccer 6 and Goal Rush. During the last 95 years The Football Pools are proud to have paid out in prize money to more than 60 Million lucky winners.
Remember, you must be 18+ to play our games and it is important that you play responsibly. for more details.

Loto Vert sans couleurs,
plus facile à jouer offre plus de chance de gagner

Dorénavant, un jeu de loterie beaucoup plus simple avec une sélection de 7 chiffres sur 28 seulement. Adieux les boules de couleurs : plus facile à jouer, plus facile à gagner !
Le Loto Vert garantit un jackpot d’un minimum Rs 1 millions chaque semaine.

Unlike gambling, Loto provides its customers with
a unique experience of “play small, win big”.