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Tue 11th of August 2020



Lottotech’s most notable game is the Loto.  In five short years, this brand has achieved nearly 100% unaided awareness (source: Ipsos Reid, 2013), with 74% of adults stating it is their preferred game of chance in Mauritius (soure:  Cognito Ltd, 2016).  Currently, there is no cap on the amount of times that a Loto jackpot can roll over, creating the potential for large jackpots, such as the Loto jackpot that reached MUR120m in April 2014.

The player participation rate for Loto is about 67% of the adult population, with an almost equal participation of men and women (source: cognito, 2017). Unlike gambling, Loto provides its customers with a unique experience of “play small, win big”.