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Sun 12th of July 2020



Responsible Gaming

In 2017, Lottotech was awarded the Responsible gaming level 3 certification by the World Lottery Association. As a member of the World Lottery Association, our responsibility as an operator is to minimize risk of underage play and problem gambling. Lottotech is proud to be the second lottery in the African region to receive the responsible gaming certification level 3 which demonstrates our commitment towards our objective to be the most responsible operator in the region.


Each year Lottotech runs a tracking study to gather data on players’ behavior and perception. This year, the problem severity index has been included in the study to help Lottotech develop the right strategy  to protect and educate players on safe play.

Employee Program

We believe that corporate social responsibility, including responsible gaming, is the responsibility of each and every one of our employees. We aim to ensure that the entire team understands the impacts associated with the misuse of gambling products, what responsible gaming means for their job and personal lives and that they feel empowered to help develop our overall CSR and  RG strategies.

Retailer Program

The objectives of our retailer program are to ensure that our retailers are informed about our games as well as the risks related to gambling more widely. We also aim to ensure that retailers protect the vulnerable groups (including minors) and themselves from adverse impacts of gambling. Also that they know how to respond when faced with potential questions regarding problems associated with gambling.

All retailers are provided with the rules and regulations of our Loto game, which include responsible gaming related requirements such as:

“Claimant”: A person of age 18 and above who submits a claim for the Prize in accordance with these rules.

“Participant”: A member of the public of age 18 and above who purchases or otherwise acquires a Loto 6/40 Game Ticket.

Remote Gaming

As Lottotech does not sell its products online, we use our online communications channels to provide information to players and the public such as: Odds information: accurate information about Loto to enable players to make informed decisions when buying a ticket.

Treatment referral: there is a hotline where they can call to find further help.

Player self-test: engaging self-test based on the medical DSM-V test to help educate players and the public about what may consist of excessive play behavior.

Marketing Communication

Responsible gaming messages are included in all our communication channels.Lottotech communicates and seeks to engage the public and our players on responsible gaming, using all our online channels, social media, corporate site (Lottotech), Loterie Nationale site. Additionally, all other channels of communications also include responsible gaming messages that seek to educate and engage the population on the fact that playing Loto needs to remain an entertainment and is reserved for adults.

In addition, we have developed  a marketing code which is signed by all agencies working on our communications. We have even extended it to our hosts.

The code consists of:

  • Adherence to the legal requirements of the GRA Act or any other regulations as stipulated by the authority,
  • Not targeting, or primarily appealing to minors,
  • Not encouraging consumers to participate excessively or beyond their means,
  • Not promoting lottery games as an alternate to work or means of escape from a bad financial situation,
  • Not include text or images that positions the ticket as a financial strategy/or investment,
  • Not promising a win,
  • Not exaggerating the chances of winning or the size of the prize,
  • Not including text that overstates the odds or likelihood of winning,
  • Not portraying unrealistic outcomes,
  • Not implying a player’s skill can influence the outcome of our games,
  • Not associating with other products such as alcohol and cigarettes, etc.

Treatment Referral

Mauritius has little to offer to date for treating problem gambling. However, Lottotech does provides a hotline from 6 a.m to 10 p.m, 7 day-a-week service which can be a first contact point for people  seeking further information related to problem gambling. Our team is trained to refer anyone calling and enquiring about treatment support to a professional. All calls received are related to other forms of gambling which is understandable given that the Loto game does not have the inherent characteristics of problematic games which is primarily the perception of being able to control the outcome of a game and high frequency of winning and playing.

The number of the hotline can be found on the back of our tickets as well as in store. We have also included information about referral in our training to retailers and employees. All our employees and retailers know where to find the hotline.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is key to the development of Lottotech’s business strategy. Lottotech is committed to creating long lasting and trusting relationships with all of its stakeholders.

Through our overall stakeholder engagement, we have committed to rallying support for an overall corporate social responsibility strategy that includes a responsible gaming strategy for Mauritius. To develop strong and effective CSR and responsible gaming strategies, we continually encourage stakeholders to provide feedback, input and direction to ensure that we are implementing best-in-class effective programs.

During the year, Lottotech has had meetings with the regulator to engage them on a collective campaign to be rolled out in 2018. Our team has done a presentation on Responsible Gaming in the presence of the GRA members.

Other initiatives for engaging our key stakeholders have been put in place such as collaborating with media so as to engage the business community and community at large on the topic of Responsible gaming.