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Sat 19th September 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded throughout our operations. In Mid-2017, Lottotech developed a long-term plan to improve the positive impact of our business. The new framework is based on the best practices developed by the European Lotteries (EL) using ISO 26000, a global guideline to help companies to operate in a socially responsible way. It also integrates the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help in the impact assessment of the initiatives. The SGD’s are 17 global goals developed by the United Nations and Lottotech has identified 5 SDGs where we can make a difference and continue to find new ways to impact through other SDGs as they relate to our industry.

For Lottotech, Corporate Social Responsibility means working cooperatively with our customers, partners and community members to ensure our success as a company is measured not only by revenue, but by our contribution to society and the environment.We understand that Corporate Social Responsibility needs to be a driving force behind our corporate strategy so that it factors into every aspect of our business. That is why CSR is the overriding principle that guides us in everything we do and it’s based on three pillars: social, economic and environmental responsibility.

At Lottotech, we believe that in today’s economy we are not only accountable for profitability but we have an obligation towards our stakeholders; shareholders; players; employees; and partners to fulfill our social and environmental commitments. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) vision is to contribute to the sustainable development of our society by reinforcing the trust of people of Mauritius place in us, and making a real difference in our community. Consequently, Lottotech is engaged to keep its promises towards the community of which we are part and make Mauritius a more sustainable and healthier country.

Michelle Carinci

C.E.O of Lottotech Ltd, Lottotech Ltd