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Lottotech Ltd – Interim dividend announcement – August 2019

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Lottotech Ltd – Abridged Unaudited Consolidated
Financial Statements for the quarter and half year ended
30 June 2019

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Lottotech Ltd – Proxy Form For Annual Meeting 2019

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Lottotech Ltd – Notice of Annual Meeting 2019

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Lottotech Ltd – Annual Report 2018

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Lottotech Ltd

Following the request for proposal issued in March 2008 by the State Investment Corporation (“SIC”), Lottotech Ltd submitted its proposal and was selected in July 2008 as the preferred bidder for the implementation and operation of the Mauritius Lottery on behalf of the Government of Mauritius. The proposal by Lottotech included a structured game plan to launch games in the initial years of the license.

In October 2009, Lottotech launched La Loterie Nationale in Mauritius and Rodrigues with the sale of lottery games through an initial network of 542 retailers. Since then, sales generated by the Mauritius National Lottery has generated over Rs 4 Billion in funds that have been invested in Good causes such as Health, Education, Community Development and Culture. The lottery has created over 180 millionaires and paid out in excess  of Rs 970 Million in commissions to its retail partners.

As a responsible operator, Lottotech is charged with a duty of care to its players and winners, and with maintaining public trust and confidence in the Mauritius National Lottery. Lottotech is a member of the World Lottery Association (“WLA”), the global authority on lottery business and has achieve Level 3 certification.