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The Goal Rush Pool Rules

Effective from 1 August 2022

“The Rules”


  1. The Games are operated by TFP UK. TFP offers a range of Means of Entry to each Game. The Laws of England, including the Gambling Act 2005, apply to these Rules and to all Games conducted under them.
  2. TFP reserves the right to amend these Rules without notice and/or suspend the Game (or any part of it) in the event of war, earthquake, catastrophe, strikes or the occurrence of any other event beyond its reasonable control.
  3. Despite every effort to ensure complete accuracy, TFP is not responsible for any typing, human or obvious error which leads to any errors or omissions, including (without limitation) game dates, coupon errors, publishing estimated Prize funds and Pools or announcing dividends or results other than those intended, or bets being taken which contravene these, Rules. Any such errors shall be published on the Website. If any bet is taken in relation to such an error, it shall be accepted on the basis of the corrected information.
  4. The Customer is not permitted to call at TFP’s premises to deliver an Entry.


The Game is based on Lines, which are formulated from the Customer’s predictions (on whether both teams will score) for the 35 Matches on the Match Listing. Customer must select 8 matches out of 35.


  1. To constitute an accepted Entry, such Entry (and the predictions made for that Entry) must be recorded on TFP’s central computer system by Closing Time. Any Entry recorded as having been received after Closing Time will not be accepted by TFP and will be invalid. Note that Closing Time for Mauritius Players in some minutes earlier.
  2. Any Entry which is not made in accordance with these Rules will be invalid.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt, TFP has no responsibility, and accepts no liability of any kind whatsoever, for an Entry (however submitted) or Stake associated with an Entry until the same are received and accepted by TFP in accordance with these Rules.
  4. TFP shall not be under any obligation or have any responsibility to notify a Customer of an Entry that is invalid or void under these Rules. In such circumstances, the Stake shall be refunded or where possible (at TFP’s discretion), applied in full or in part as an Entry on behalf of the relevant Customer into the next Game.


  1. The percentage of the Pool allocated to each Prize level shall be determined by TFP. All dividends declared are subject to rescrutiny.
  2. Each Prize fund is divided amongst all winning Lines at that Prize level in proportion to the Stake paid for each winning line (save in relation to free offers where a Stake shall be deemed to be the full amount that would have been paid if the relevant Entry had not been made on the basis of the free offer).
  3. TFP will declare the dividend payable in respect of the Pool for each of the Prizes by reference to the Full Stake per Line. TFP will publish details of the dividend payable on the Website.
  4. Winners with 7 or 8 correctly predicted Results (i.e. both teams to score in a Match on the Match Listing) will receive the declared winning amount for 7 or 8 correctly predicted Results respectively as shown on the Website for the relevant Game Date subject to paragraph 5.4 above.
  5. If there is no winner with 7 correctly predicted Results, the Prize fund for this level will be added to the Prize fund for 8 correctly predicted Results. If there is no winner with 8 correctly predicted Results, the Prize fund at this level will be rolled over to the next Game’s 1st Prize fund (or such other following Game’s 1st Prize fund as may be determined by TFP UK).
  6. If the total value of the Stake for the winning lines at any level is less than the Full Stake per Line, the proportionate remainder of the Prize fund at that level is distributed as in paragraph 5.6.
  7. If TFP UK discovers more winners after a declared dividend has been paid, TFP will still pay Winnings to such persons, save that such Winnings shall be calculated on the basis of what such persons would have been entitled to receive if their winning Entry (ies) (together with all other post-declared dividend payout winning Entries) had been included at the time at which the declared dividend was paid (i.e. according to an amended dividend to that which was originally declared).


  1. There are two Prizes:
    1st (8 correctly predicted Results)
    2nd (7correctly predicted Results)
  2. Each Line can only qualify for one Prize.
  3. Actual Pool size and Prize funds will be determined once all Entries have been accepted by TFP UK and Prizes will be determined once the actual number of winning Entries is verified. The applicable Means of Entry Rules will set out how this information can be accessed.


  1. The means of payment of Winnings shall depend on the Means of Entry.
  2. Any query regarding Winnings should be made within six weeks from the relevant Game Date to which such query relates using the contact details set out in the Means of Entry.


  1. The team on the left of the Match Listing will be deemed to be the home team and the team on the right the away team. A Match will stand as shown on a Match Listing even if:
  2. i. It is actually played on a neutral ground; or
  3. ii. The venue of the Match is altered.
  4. TFP does not consider extra time as part of the Match and the score at the end of normal play (including injury time added on by the referee for stoppages) is taken as the final Result.
  5. A Match played on the Game Date between a team listed on the left of the Match Listing and a team listed against it on the right of the Match Listing will stand as listed no matter what type of game it is or under whose jurisdiction it is played, unless it is determined to be a Void Match in accordance with paragraph 8.5, 8.6 or 8.8 below.
  6. In the event any Match or Matches on the Match Listing are Void, TFP shall replace such Match(es) from the Replacement Match Listing in the order that they appear on the Replacement Match Listing. For example, if Matches 7 and 21 on the Match Listing are declared Void, Match 7 will be replaced by match 1 on the Replacement Match Listing and Match 21 will be replaced by match 2 on the Replacement Match Listing.
  7. In the event a match on the Replacement Match Listing fulfils the criteria for a Void Match it will be removed from the Replacement Match Listing.
  8. In addition to the right to declare an individual Match void, TFP reserves the right to withhold Winnings and/or to declare any individual Entry or Game void, if it reasonably believes that:
  9. The integrity of a Match has been called into question;
  10. ii The Pool has, or may have been, manipulated or its integrity has otherwise been called into question; and/or
  11. iii Match-rigging has, or may have, taken place.
  12. Such belief may be based on the size, volume or pattern of Entries placed across any or all Means of Entry or any announcement, investigation, instruction or decision made by any competent authority, sports body or other relevant authority or body.


Any amendment to these Rules will be notified online at the Website. A Customer’s continued participation in the Game following such notification shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of the amended Rules.


Closing Time

The time that the Pool in respect of a Game closes, being the earliest Game Date and earliest kick-off time on that day of any Match on the Match Listing.


Any person (or group, partnership or syndicate of persons) who places an Entry.


A bet made via a Means of Entry that is accompanied by the required Stake and accepted by TFP Mauritius (supported by Lottotech Ltd).


Each Goal Rush Game is operated by TFP.

Game Date

The date(s) on which the Matches listed in a Match Listing are scheduled to be played at the time that the relevant Match Listing was released to TFP by its official results partner.

Full Stake per Line

Rs 150


The prediction of a Result for each Match.


A football match listed on the Match Listing.

Match Listing

Each list of 35 Matches on which TFP bases a Game as published by TFP on or via the Means of Entry.


The total Stakes received from Customers from all Entries in respect of a particular Match Listing.


The prizes in respect of which Winnings are paid, as set out in paragraph 6 below.

Replacement Match Listing

Each list of not less than 10 matches which TFP UK may use to replace any Void Match as published by TFP on the Website.


The outcome (whether both teams score) of a Match at the end of full time (for the avoidance of doubt excluding extra time)


The total sum paid by the Customer in respect of an Entry.

The Football Pools (“TFP”)

The trading name of Football Pools Limited a company registered in England and Wales with company number 10573569 and whose registered address is at Walton House, Charnock Road, Liverpool, L67 1AA.

Pool Joseph Merven Ltd, the Mauritian retailer of TFP UK, also known as The Football Pools Mauritius whose registered address is at Bank Street, 18 Cybercity, 72201.

Void Match

Any Match:

  1. which is abandoned, postponed or suspended and which is not subsequently completed within 24 hours following the final whistle of the Match with the latest kick-off time on the Match Listing;
  2. in which two teams are listed as alternatives in either the left and/or right of the Match Listing (which mean that the relevant team will be decided by the outcome of a football game played before the Game Date) will become a Void Match if the relevant team is not decided before that Game Date;
  3. listed on the Match Listing which is started and/or completed before the Game Closing Time
  4. which TFP declares to be void where TFP has reasonable grounds to believe that:

i. The integrity of a Match has been called into question;

ii. The Pool has, or may have been, manipulated or its integrity has otherwise been called into question; and/or

iii. Match-rigging has, or may have, taken place.




The sum of money from the Pool for a particular Match Listing calculated according to the relevant dividend(s) that is paid to a Customer whose Entry entitles that Customer to a share of the relevant Prize fund.

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