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The Loto vert formula proposes a weekly game which always consists of choosing 7 numbers on a 28 numbered grid. During the draw each Friday, the results and amount of money paid for each winning category will be known.

Each week, we guarantee a minimum amount of Rs 1 million. However, the jackpot can sometimes be reviewed. The amount of money paid can vary depending on sales since repartition of the money is of 55.2%. Therefore, a higher sale rate will increase the amount paid for the jackpot.

The chances of winning are 1 over 1,184,040 (However with our new formulae, the jackpot payment is guaranteed even if there is no winner in the first category.) The probability of winning is equivalent to 1 over 23 chances of winning 7 num = 1,184,040 chances of winning 6 num - 1:8,054 chances of winning 5 num - 1:268 chances of winning 4 num = 1:25

The weekly draw occurs each Friday at 7 p.m

Game closes at 7 p.m each Friday.

You can play for maximum 6 draws. Note that numbers cannot be booked.

The rules and regulations of the game are displayed at all Lottotech’s retailer shop.

Lottotech always wants to be innovative in the conception of games. At each new proposition, it is the regulatory body, GRA, who needs to give approval. The public will be informed in due course when new games will be introduced. Stay tuned on our social media profile and website.

The percentage allocated to the consolidated fund is 47,16% of sales, after the deduction of amount paid to winners.

Note that the Loto Vert winnings are all subject to a tax imposed by the government. We advise you to stay informed about the changes in the Finance Bill concerning the applied percentage.

You can present your winning ticket to any official Lottotech’s retailer for any prize not exceeding Rs 2,000. For prizes superior to rs2,000 you must go to an allowed retailer or at the official Lottotech office.

Congratulations! To claim the big jackpot, you must come to the Lottotech’s office with either your national identity card or a valid passport. Our team will explain all the procedures to you and verifications will be made as specified by the GRA.

Your winning ticket as well as your national identity card or a valid passport, and your bank account number, are documents that you need to have with you when coming at Lottotech’s office for the claim of your jackpot.

For sure, all jackpot winners can remain anonymous if they want to.

The prize will be shared equally amongst each winner.

All non-claimed prizes are returned to the National Solidarity Fund under the Ministry of Integration’s aegis.

You have 6 months as from the draw date to claim your prize.

La formule de Loto Vert propose un jeu hebdomadaire qui consiste toujours à sélectionner 7 chiffres sur 28. Votre participation vous donne aussi la chance de participer à un tirage hebdomadaire grâce au Lucky number qui se trouve en bas de votre ticket. Pour chaque combinaison 7/28 jouée pour le tirage du vendredi soir, vous avez un lucky number. Plus vous jouez de combinaisons 7/28, plus vous avez de Lucky Numbers. Exemple : 2 combinaisons 7/28= 2 lucky numbers, 5 combinaisons 7/28= 5 lucky numbers. Le gain s’élève à Rs 50,000 tous les jours. Ce gain est garanti d’etre payé tous les jours ! En fin de semaine, un tirage est fait parmi tous les lucky numbers , des Samedis jusqu’au vendredi,pour sélectionner un heureux qui sera éligible pour tourner la roue du Millionnaire et gagner des gins allant de Rs 50,000 a un maximum de Rs 1 million.

Le Lucky number est un jeu quotidien. Vous pouvez participer tous les jours respectant les heures d’ouverture de jeu c.à.d. Samedi à Jeudi de 6h à 22h et les vendredis de 6h à 19h.

Le Lucky Number est totalement gratuit.

Si le Lucky number n’est pas valide pour cause (par exemple) d’annulation à l’achat, nous procédons à un autre tirage.

Les résultats sont disponibles sur notre site web, chez votre detaillant, la page facebook de Loto Vert ainsi que notre service whatsapp. Sur whatsapp il suffit d’envoyer “ Lucky “ au 55000728

Tirage tous les jours : Lucky number Le Lucky number vous permet de participer au tirage du jour. Les résultats sont communiqués le soir même.

Oui. Votre ticket est valide pour tous les jeux même si vous remportez un gain a l’un d’eux.

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Draw Results
Friday 22 September 2023
Division Winners Winnings
7 of 7 0 Rs 0.00
6 of 7 41 Rs 5,174.00
5 of 7 1077 Rs 541.00
4 of 7 9940 Rs 100.00
Total 11058 Rs 1,788,791.00
Net sales: Rs 7,564,560.00
Consolidated Fund: Rs 1,598,216.03