We are Lottotech

Lottotech entered the market on the 8th of April 2008 with the aim of being a game changer in the lottery industry in Mauritius. With an emphasis on integrity at the core of all our operations, and thanks to the commitment of our stakeholders, we became the top lottery provider in the area. Over the years, we have generated funds for a multitude of valuable programs and causes, designed to create a better Mauritius.

We take pride in making dreams come true

Community Development
Economic growth and wealth

What we believe in

We operate in a socially responsible way. Our aim is to provide fun, exciting and life-changing games that are entertaining to everyone.
  • Consolidated Fund
    Rs. 7,6B
  • National Solidarity Fund
    Rs. 632M
  • Total prize payment
    Rs. 17,09B
  • Retailer Commission
    Rs. 1,9B
  • No. of Retailers
  • No. of Shareholders
  • No. of Employees

Our Values


To be the preferred gaming provider


To create and enhance stakeholder value through regulated gaming operations offered in a socially responsible manner

Our Guiding Principles

We are proud to adhere to the guiding principles of the Gamma group family. They are a succinct summation of what is meaningful to us in shaping our culture.

Our Milestones


April 2008: Lottotech was incorporated by Gamma-Civic Ltd (“Gamma”) with the aim of operating lotteries and conducting general gaming operations.


July 2008: Lottotech becomes the preferred bidder to become the ‘Lottery Operator’ of the Mauritius National Lottery.


August 2008: Lottotech appoints GTECH as its exclusive technology partner for the deployment and operation of the Mauritius National Lottery.


April 2009: The Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) grants Lottotech the licence to operate the Mauritius National Lottery exclusively for a period of 10 years.


October 2009: Lottotech launches La Loterie Nationale in Mauritius and Rodrigues offering the sale of lottery games through an initial network of 542 retailers.


March 2014: Lottotech is converted into a public company.


April 2014: Lottotech announces the offering of 85,000,000 ordinary shares for sale to the general public through the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. The initial share subscription period was opened from May 5 to May 16, 2014.


June 2014: The trading of Lottotech’s shares on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius officially begins.


June 2018: Lottotech expands its operations! Following a mediation decision, Lottotech was granted two more lottery games: a second weekly Loto draw and the Loterie Vert brand.


April 2019: Lottotech acquires ‘Pool Joseph Merven Ltd’, thus becoming the exclusive distributor of The Footballs Pools UK products in the African Region. This opportunity allowed the company to diversify its portfolio with international sports betting games.


Sept 2019: Lottotech, as a member of the World Lottery Association, achieves the highest level of Responsible Gaming (RG) certification. It reached Level 4, which represents a continuous improvement of its RG program.


October 2020 : As part of its changing the gaming landscape strategy, Lottotech acquires Loterie Vert. Lottotech introduces a new gaming concept in Mauritius and Rodrigues.

Executive Team

At Lottotech, we believe that Magic Works with People

Mr Allagappen Veeramootoo (also called Moorghen)
Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director
Shaun Kim Tiam Fook Chong
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Harikrishna Ramsamy
Chief Operating Officer
Queensnee Pergun
Chief People and Culture Officer
Guito Lucchesi
Sales Manager – Gaming
Mriganka Chakraborty
Marketing Manager
Virginie Pasnin
Communication and CSR Manager
Sivalingum Candassamy
Head of Risk & Compliance
Richard Papie
Security Manager

Board of Directors

The Board is responsible for steering, monitoring and overseeing the business and activity of the Company in order to safeguard and enhance its total value and returns.

Mr Chian Tat (also called Tommy) Ah Teck
Executive Chairman
Mr Allagappen Veeramootoo (also called Moorghen)
Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director
Mr Chian Luck (also called Patrice) Ah Teck
Non-Executive Director
Mrs Michelle J. Carinci
Non-Executive Director
Mr Ganeshanlall Cheeneebash
Non-Executive Director
Mrs Sui Lien (also called Marie Claire) Chong Ah Yan
Non-Executive Director
Mr Goolabchund Goburdhun, GOSK
Non-Executive Director
Mr Jason Ah Teck
Non-Executive Director
Mr. Jacques Paul Rene De Chasteigner Du Mee
Independant Non-Executive Director
Mrs. Catherine Halpin
Independant Non-Executive Director


Audit and Risk Committee


  • Review and assess the adequacy of the company’s financial reporting, ensure appropriate implementation and amendment of accounting policies, identification and management of financial risks, internal control systems and internal audit, and statutory and regulatory compliance;
  • Review and assess the adequacy of the Company’s risk management systems to ensure there is a sound of risk oversight, risk management and internal control framework, that is in accordance with the principles of the Code of Corporate Governance for Mauritius.
  • Formulation of recommendations on identification and management of risks while providing a forum for effective communication between the Board and the external and internal auditor. Both of these auditors are required to report to the Audit and Risk Committee.

Corporate Governance Committee

The Corporate Governance Committee acts as the mechanism responsible for recommendations to the Board on all corporate governance matters relevant to the Company to ensure that the Board remains effective and complies with the “Code” and prevailing corporate governance principles. The Committee is also responsible for remuneration and nomination matters. The remuneration philosophy focuses on rewarding efforts and merits for individual and collective contributions to the company’s results, whilst taking into account market conditions, the interest of the shareholders and the financial well-being of the company.