Where can you play the Football pools?

We have partners across the islands for you to make the most of this new football
game experience.
Tickets can be purchased at pool collectors in the list below.

List for pool collectors

List of Pool Collectors

List of Pool Collectors

List of Pool Collectors

List of Pool Collectors

List of Pool Collectors

List of Pool Collectors

List of Pool Collectors

List of Pool Collectors

Royal Road – Riviere Noire

Royal Road – Bambous

R 13 La Tour Koenig – Pointe Aux Sables

Trois Bras Royal Road – Black River

Royal Road – Petite Riviere

Royal Road Lallmatie

Royal Road Camp de Masque Pave

Royal Road Flacq – Bon Acceuil

Royal Road Mont Ida

Royal Road Bel Air Riviere Seches

La Source Rd Flacq

Trou D’Eau Douce Road, Bramsthan

Royal Road Montagne Blanche

Royal Road Bel Air

2nd Floor, Sibartie Building, Royal Road Centre de Flacq

Lawton Building, Royal Road Lallmatie

Royal Road Quartier Militaire

Dabarry Lane, Gallery Rivalland Flacq

Royal Road Lallmatie

Royal Road Rose Belle

Royal Road Baramia Rose Belle

Royal Road Old Grand Port

La Croisee, Royal Road Plaine Magnien

Savanne Road Nouvelle France

Royal Road Trois Boutique Plaine Magnien

Rue Des Cent Gaulettes Mahebourg

Mahebourg Road Rose Belle

Royal Road Plaine Magnien

Royal Road Plaine Magnien

Corner Rue Des Hollandais and Rue Souffleur Mahebourg

L’agrement St Pierre

Royal Road Moka

Royal Road St Julien D’Hotman

Royal Road St Pierre

Royal Road Dagotiere

Circonstance St Pierre

Bagatelle Mall Bagatelle

Casse Goon Road Pointe aux Cannoniers

Royal Road Riche Terre

Royal Road 8th Mile Triolet

Royal Road Pointe Aux Cannoniers

1st Fl, Tadbir Building, Royal Road Triolet

Royal Road Pamplemousses

Royal Road Plaine des Papayes

Royal Road, 7th Mile Triolet

John Kennedy Avenue Vacoas

Royal Road Rose Hill

Queen Street Rose Hill

Route Bassin Quatre Bornes

6 Route St Jean Quatre Bornes

Royal Road Floreal

Rue Chateau Neuf Curepipe

Dr Ferriere Street Curepipe

C/R Antleme & Hugnin Road Rose Hill

4 Ian Pallach Square Market Stall 4 Curepipe

Ground Floor, Bank street 18 cybercity Ebene

32, Royal Road Eau Coulee

7 Dr Maurice Cure Rose Hill

Royal Road Quatre Bornes

Solferino No. 1 Vacoas

Seeneevassen Avenue, Palma Road Quatre Bornes

Hillcrest Avenue Quatre Bornes

9 Jerningham Street Curepipe

Royal Road, Bonne Terre Vacoas

4, Avenue Osman Quatre Bornes

1st Fl. Kanderally Blg, Duncan Taylor St Rose Hill

Impasse Pot De Terre Curepipe

Vavid Properties, Jackson Road Vacoas

Cnr Bassin Road/Kooseeal Avenue

Chateauneuf Street

1st Fl Commercial Building, Cr Bigaijnon & St Jean Road

NSZ Bldg, St Ignace street

Matikola Bldg, Independence Avenue Vacoas

Stall TB2 New Complex Central Market, Farquhar Street Port Louis

Chausse Street Port Louis

35 Canal Bathurst Street Port Louis

61 Lord Kitchener Street Port Louis

7 Bourbon Street Port Louis .

23 Menagerie Street, Bel-Village Port Louis

76 Route Des Pamplemousses, St Croix Ste Croix

53 SSR Street Port Louis

58, St Denis Street Port Louis

15 Chaussee Street Port Louis

28 Charron Street Port Louis

Victoria Square Port Louis

No 7, Dr Sun Yat Sen Street Port Louis

Royal Road Belle-Vue Maurel

Royal Road Riviere Du Rempart

Royal Road Petit Raffray

Royal Road Goodlands

Royal Road Goodlands

Richmond Hill, La Salette Grand Baie

Royal Road Baie Du Cap

Royal Road Chemin Grenier

Royal Road Surinam

Royal Road L’Escalier

Royal Road Grand Bois

Royal Road Chemin Grenier

Gocool Building, Lotus Road Chemin Grenier

Ex Cooperative Society, Railway Road Riviere Des Anguilles

Ramdos Complex, Royal Road Souillac

Royal Road Surinam

Bhawani Building , Royal Road Chemin Grenier