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Congratulations on your Loto win! To claim your well-deserved prize, simply sign the back of your winning ticket for authentication. Head over to any authorized Lottotech Lottery retailer to validate your ticket and unlock the joy of your newfound success. Best of luck on this exciting journey ahead!


To play Loto, you must select 6 numbers out of 40, using a pencil or a black pen. The Loto game bulletin consists of either 5 or 10 grids, each containing 40 numbers. The bet costs only Rs20 per combination. You can also play your desired numbers for multiple draws, by choosing the number of draws wanted, at the top right of the bulletin. Moreover, you can choose the “Quick Pick” option, where the machine will choose 6 random numbers for you. Give your bulletin to an official Lottotech retailer, as well as your payment. He will validate your bet and will give you an official ticket.

The draws are performed each Wednesday and Saturday after game closure at 7 p.m.

Game closes at 7p.m each Wednesday and Saturday.

“Jeux Multiples” is a simple and rapid way of playing several combinations. Instead of using many bulletins to play different combinations, you can use a “bulletin multiple” and choose between the multiples of 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. The system will then generate the possible combinations with your chosen number. “Replay” option allows you to replay your favorite numbers or those you previously played without having to fill another bulletin. All you have to do is give your previous ticket to the Lottotech’s retailer and ask him for a Replay.

You need to present your ticket to an official retailer of Lottotech for any prize inferior to Rs 2000. For prizes which are superior to Rs 2000, you are requested to go to an allowed retailer or at the official Lottotech office. You must bring your national identity card or a valid passport.

Congratulations! To claim the jackpot, you must go to the Lottotech’s office with your identity card. Our team will clearly explain all the procedures to you and verifications will be made as specified in the payment procedure validated by the GRA.

When claiming the jackpot you will be asked to present your winning ticket, your national identity card or a valid passport, as well as your bank account number..

For sure. Winners have the right to remain anonymous if they want to.

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